Marshall McLuhan’s idea of a ‘global village’ is good in theory, however is it truly benefitting every culture, every country? Has this village become a utopia or a dictatorship? The idea is that the globalisation of communication and advances in modern technologies has caused the world to seem much smaller, in that people from all … More A GLOBAL VILLAGE?


I recently began watching Shameless (US) on Netflix, and found myself addicted after only a few minutes. The show follows the Gallagher clan, which consists of 7 kids ranging from about ages 2 to 19, with a deadbeat, alcoholic, drug-addicted father and mother – who also happens to have bi-polar disorder. The everyday mundane for kids consists … More “Otherness”

Innovation Room

Newsrooms of today are being forced to become increasingly innovative – as the world becomes becomes more digital and technological, so does storytelling. What used to be a Sunday morning ritual of sitting down, coffee and newspaper in hand, has become a reach for a smartphone, and a swipe across to see the top news stories of the day. Newspapers … More Innovation Room

Emotional History

EMOTIONAL HISTORY ASSESSMENT TASK 1: JRNL102 AUDIO REPORT: Georgia Nelson EMOTION: Happiness (also some sense of fear/doubt) In: “It was something I didn’t really think about…” Out: “…glistening in the sunlight, and herself on a chestnut mare…” Duration: 2.00 INTRO SCRIPT Pamela Cook is an Australian author of rural fiction, based around her experiences of travelling and living between … More Emotional History

Research Proposal: Equine Assisted Psychotherapy

When thinking of a subject for my research project, I pondered the notion of reflexivity; I wanted to choose a topic that was about a central part of my life, something I was curious about. Soros (2009) proposed the two aspects of reflexivity are understanding the world in which we live (the cognitive function) and … More Research Proposal: Equine Assisted Psychotherapy